College of William and Mary Williamsburg, VA, Doctorate of Philosophy in American Studies, Fall 2012-Current
George Mason University, Fairfax, VA, Masters of Arts in History, 2011
University of Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg, MS, Bachelor of Arts in History, Summa Cum Laude, 2010

Academic Work History

Provost Dissertation Fellow, College of William and Mary, 2017- 2018
Teaching Fellow for New Media and Everyday Life, College of William and Mary, 2016-2017
Classroom Instructor for Keio University/College of William and Mary Cross-Cultural Collaboration, College of William and Mary, 2016 Teaching Fellow for Information Age in America, College of William and Mary, Fall 2015-2016
Webmaster and Program Assistant, American Studies, College of William and Mary, Fall 2013-Present
Teaching Assistant for Cinema and the Modernization of US Culture, College of William and Mary, Spring 2015
Research Associate at the University of Richmond Digital Scholarship Lab, Summer 2013
Teaching Assistant for Introduction to American Medicine, College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, VA, Spring 2013
Teaching Assistant for Western Civilization, George Mason University, Fairfax, VA, Fall 2011

Selected Journal Publications

“Data Assemblages: A Call to Conceptualize Materiality in the Academic Ecosystem,” Digital Humanities Quarterly 9, no. 2, 2015
“Dropping the Anchor: An Assessment of Race Relations in East Biloxi during Hurricane Katrina.” Global Horizons 4, no. 2, Fall 2011
“The Development and Application of a Screen Scraping Program in New Media Studies,” Gnovis 9, no. 3, Summer 2011

Selected Book Reviews

Review of “Goodbye Cinema, Hello Cinephilia: Film Culture in Transition,” Journal of Film and History 44, no. 1, Spring 2014
Review of “Raising Your Kids Right: Children’s Literature and American Political Conservatism,” NeoAmericanist 6, no. 1, Spring/ Summer 2012
Review of “Game Work: Language, Power, and Computer Game Culture,” Schuylkill Graduate Journal 10, no.1, Spring 2012, Special Issue on Bondage and Power
Review of “Alexander Russo-Points on the Dial: Golden Age Radio beyond the Networks.” Essays in History 45, 2011

Publications in Review or Upcoming

Data Wrangling and Management in R, Programming Historian (Accepted and in Final Revisions)
Review of Giving Voice: Mobile Communication, Disability, and Inequality,” Annals of the History of Computing (Accepted and In Progress)
“We’re Just Playing: An Examination of Games and Virtual Worlds as Opposing Forces,” Digital Studies / Le champ numérique(In Review)
Impulses and Competition: A Historical Analysis of Early Parental Anxieties towards Gaming, Game and Culture (In Revision)
Review of “Children’s Nature: The Rise of the American Summer Camp,” Postscript: A Journal of Graduate Criticism and Theory, (Accepted and Upcoming)

Conference Talks and Presentations

Trouble in Cyborg Paradise: John Hopkin’s First National Search for Applications of Personal Computing to Aid the Handicapped, Mountain View, CA, Command Lines: Software, Power, and Performance, 2017
Computing the Body: Disability and Early Microcomputers in America, Denver, CO, American Studies Association Conference, 2016
No Body Around: Posthuman Fantasies during the Personal Computer Revolution, William and Mary Graduate Research Symposium, 2016
Personal Computing to Success: Childhood in Late-Capitalism, Chicago, IL, Social Science History Association Conference, 2016
The Computer Invades the Home: Popular Media and the Domestic Crisis, Las Vegas, NV, Far West Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association, 2016 The Cloud Takes Up Space: Assessing Materiality in the Digital Humanities, Charleston, SC, Data Driven: Digital Humanities in the Library, 2014
The Need to Reconceptualize the Ontology of Digital Humanities Praxis, Houston, Texas, Texas Digital Humanities Consortium Conference, 2014
Large Scale Data Analysis in Emotional History: A Case Study of the American Civil War, Hannover, Germany, Herrenhausen Conference: “Digital Humanities Revisited—Challenges and Opportunities in the Digital Age,” 2013 Black Western Films in the 1930s: Racial Subversion and Economics, Madison, WI, Film and History Conference, 2013
Family Wages and Innocence: Parental Perceptions of the Children’s Exodus during the Lawrence Strike of 1912, New Orleans, LA, LSU Graduate History Conference, 2012
Understanding High Scores in the Video Arcade, Milwaukee, WI, Midwest Popular Culture Association Conference, 2011
Second Life: Virtual Simulation in the History Classroom, Hattiesburg, MS, University of Southern Mississippi College of Arts and Letters Undergraduate Conference, 2010
Dropping the Anchor: An Assessment of Race Relations in East Biloxi, Biloxi, MS, Returning to Katrina Conference, 2010
Crosby Memorial Hospital: A Case Study in Disaster Resilience, Biloxi, MS, Next Katrina Conference, 2009


MIT Press Travel Award, 2017
William and Mary Digital Equality Lab Fellow, 2016-Present
Sponsored Student Scholarship, Humanities Intensive Learning & Teaching, 2014, 2016, 2017
College of William and Mary’s Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences’ Research Fund, 2015
College of William and Mary Graduate Student Association Travel Award, 2015, 2016
Charles Babbage Institute’s Arthur L. Norberg Travel Grant, 2015
College of William and Mary’s American Studies Program Research Fund, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017
Humanities, Arts, Science, and Technology Alliance and Collaboratory (HASTAC) Scholar, 2014
VolkswagenStiftung Early Research Travel Grant, 2013
Digital Humanities Data Curation Workshop Maryland Institute of Technology in the Humanities Travel Grant, 2013
University of Southern Mississippi Award of Excellence, Fall 2006-2010 J. Treadwell Davis History Award, 2008

Selected National Service

American Studies Association Digital Humanities Caucus Advisory Board, 2017-Present
Special Interest Group in Computing, Information, and Society Conference Organizing Committee, 2017-Present
Digital Humanities Quarterly, Reviewer, 2013-Present
Programming Historian, Reviewer, 2015-Present

Selected University Service

Graduate Studies Advisory Board for Arts and Sciences, College of William and Mary, Graduate Representative 2014-2016
University Library Committee, College of William and Mary, Graduate Representative 2014-2015
Search Committee for Graduate Ombudsperson, College of William and Mary, 2014
Search Committee for New Media Ecologist, College of William and Mary, 2013-2014
Graduate Student Association of Arts and Sciences, College of William and Mary, President 2013-2014
Graduate Council, College of William and Mary, Vice President 2013-2014(Oversees Arts and Sciences, Law, Business, and Education)
American Studies Graduate Association, College of William and Mary, Vice President 2012-2014
Committee on Graduate Studies, College of William and Mary, Graduate Student Representative 2013-2014


Humanities Research with Sound: Introduction to Audio Machine Learning, University of Austin-Texas, Humanities Intensive Learning Institute, 2017
Humanities Programming, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, Humanities Intensive Learning Institute, 2016 Omeka Workshop, College of William and Mary, 2016
THATCamp New Souths 2016, Virginia Commonwealth University, 2016
Makerspace Technology in College Curriculum, College of William and Mary, 2015
Large Scale Text Analysis with R, University of Maryland at College Park, Humanities Intensive Learning Institute, 2014
THATCamp Virginia 2013, George Mason University, Charlottesville, VA, 2013
Digital Humanities Data Curation Workshop Maryland Institute of Technology in the Humanities, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2013
THATCamp Prime 2013, George Mason University, Fairfax, VA, 2013

Digital Humanities Work

Postcolonial Paratext (Current Project)– Working with Roopika Risam at Salem State University and Porter Olsen at the University of Maryland on a digital project exploring the new media paratext produced by postcolonial authors. We seek to both preserve these paratexts and to situate them in broader discussions of power, epsecially race, gender, nationality, and class.
The Center for Digital Equality at William and Mary (Current Project)-Assisting with launching initiative to create a computational lab that deals with system inequality. The lab is a partner with FemTechNet and will allow students to explore and critique digital culture and forms of scholarship. In addition, I am a fellow at the center.
Race, Memory, and the Digital Humanities Symposium (Current Project)-Currently, helping to organize and serve on the host committee of a symposium related to racial inequality in the digital humanities.
Data Mining the Culture Industry (Current Project)-Current side-project that uses natural language processing to looks at lyrics in independent mixtapes versus commercial records to gain a statistical examination of the culture industry.
Large Scale Data Analysis in Emotional History: A Case Study of the American Civil War-Independently created project that used large-scale data analysis to understand emotional rhetoric during the American Civil War. The corpus for the project consisted of approximately a hundred thousand New York Times and fifty thousand Richmond Daily Dispatch articles. Later, I was provided an Early Researcher Grant by VolkswagenStiftung to present my findings at the Herrenhausen Conference in Hannover, Germany.
Digital Atlas of American History (University of Richmond’s Digital Scholarship Lab)-Assisted in conceptualizing the “Transportation” section of the Atlas in regards to technical infrastructure and theoretical framework. The work was part of a larger research project to create a Digital Atlas of American History funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.
Digital Cover Scraper-Independently created program that helps scholars scrape magazine, comic book, and news covers. Findings were later published in Gnovis: The Journal of Communication, Culture and Technology.
Digital Map Scraper (University of Richmond’s Digital Scholarship Lab)-Developed in-house tool to assist in the large web scraping of maps and images from the Library of Congress.
Digital Humanities Reading Group-Member of small reading group organized at The College of William and Mary designed to discuss theoretical shifts in the humanities dealing with the impact of the digital age.
Minimal Computing- Working group for Global Outlook::Digital Humanities that examines the implications of computing under constraints, such as in low-income communities and third world countries. In addition, we also examine the power that low-cost devices have on academic research, and new ways to enhance pedagogy by incorporating ubiquitous computing devices into the classroom.

Selected Scholarly Membership

Popular Culture Association
American Historical Association
American Studies Association
Social Science History Association
Society for History of Technology

Selected Technical Skills

Languages-HTML, CSS, Markdown, R, Python, Bash Scripting
Content Management and Version Control Systems: WordPress, Omeka, Cascade, Jekyll, Git
Operating Systems-Unix/Linux, Mac OS, Windows

Language Skills

English, Written and Spoken
Hindi, Spoken
Urdu, Spoken
Spanish, Written


Available upon request